Diven by law

Legal solutions

Yves lawyers prepare an action and measure plan aimed at achieving the client’s objectives and resolving the problems faced by the client. It is the creation of expert legal, legal and economic, and legal and managerial models meeting the clients’ needs, situational analyses and assessments as well as provision of recommendations. Solutions can be prepared with the use of legal services provided by Yves, services of other partners of clients and their internal resources.

When creating a solution for the client, Yves cooperates with parties concerned, business owners and partners. Legal experts ensure the successful implementation of the created solution, perform its supervision and regular updates of the procedures where the solution or the client’s needs require so. In the course of the implementation of solutions, if necessary, the possibilities of the information technologies used by the clients are analysed and their legal compliance is evaluated.

The solution is adapted to the individual needs and possibilities of each client. Yves makes presentations of several most popular solutions that have deserved greatest attention of clients.