Diven by law

Preparation of companies for share sale; search of share buyers/sellers

Working in the area of business law and cooperating with local and foreign law firms, the legal experts of the law firm Yves feel the pulse and brewing changes in one or another area of industry and services. Contacting with local and foreign businessmen and legal experts and consulting with clients, Yves can find buyers or sellers for the business that has matured for changes or its part. Anonymous representation of the client’s interests is also possible.

The proposed solution would cover preparation work for the company’s due diligence, performance of a legal compliance check or representation of the client when such is performed (in the event of representing the seller), preparation of the agreement on the purchase and sale of shares and representation of interests in negotiations, updating of the register data upon closing the transaction, integration of the new enterprise in the buyer’s structures and harmonisation of the polices of different enterprises. The proposed services are suitable for both a client intending to sell a business (or its part) and seeking to acquire such.