Diven by law

Inheritance process

Inheritance arises from the death of the property owner, and in order to establish heirs, there is a transition period during which a complicated decision-making procedure is applied. Therefore, it is important to envisage in advance who and how will inherit the property. The selection of an appropriate property management model and inheritance process management not only resolve inheritance taxation issues, but also form preconditions for a smooth and prompt property transfer to another person’s ownership.

Yves has a solution for those who plan, including the first step to be made after us. Just this step will be made by those whom you trust.


When appointing the testamentary executor, it is sought to discreetly ensure that the management and continuity of inheritance and its distribution according to the client’s will are ensured when inheritance arises.

If a business is inherited, it will be administered according to the instructions left by the shareholder client in advance – to sell or not to sell shares to a specific entity in the market. If both assets and liabilities are left as a legacy, debts are paid after disposing of the assets and the remaining funds are distributed to predetermined beneficiaries or charity beneficiaries. Each solution is unique and is considered in detail in discussions between Yves and the client.


The testator has the possibility to change his previous will at any time. However, he/she is the only person who can change it. Confidentiality is the top priority in the relationships between the client and Yves and it is also protected by law.

whom it concerns

Yves legal experts will inform about which heritage would be and who would inherit it if the client made no decision. It is especially recommended to those clients the supervision of whose legacy requires special knowledge and who wish that it would be administered in a certain manner as well as in those cases when it is desired to distribute the benefit of inheritance in cash (e.g. in percentage portions) gained from the realised assets or executed liabilities.

when inheritance arises

In those cases when the testamentary executor was not appointed but there arises legacy requiring professional advice, for example, company shares, Yves offers a heritance administration option that allows controlled seeking the testator and heirs’ objectives.