Diven by law

Financing and investment

Yves lawyers have accumulated solid experience in the legal area of the activities of financial institutions. They can advise and propose effective solutions concerning financing and investment transactions to the clients, including those who do not have the status of a financial institution. Advice is based not only on legal knowledge, but also on accumulated experience as to how market players interpret certain undertakings or how they behave in a particular situation most commonly.

For financing and investment, forms that meet the client’s interests best of all are selected. Alongside with classical forms of financing (credit, loans, and bonds) or investment (through shares, acquisition of ownership), less frequently used ones are also offered. In order to assess and manage all risks, the law firm can propose services of experts in respective fields.

Yves lawyers base their legal advice on knowledge in the areas of tax law and mergers & acquisitions, which allows clients to achieve economically beneficial results.

Financing and investment instruments are also offered to those clients who seek to attract additional funds for their business.

All those instruments enable the client to obtain maximum benefit from financing and investment transactions against the minimum possible risk.