Diven by law

Dispute resolution and litigation

Yves lawyers have solid experience in pre-trial resolution of disputes, mediation, arbitration resolution of disputes, and representing clients’ interests in Lithuanian courts of all instances and fields.

Yves also provides its clients with legal services in defending their property interests in courts of the member states of the European Economic Area. If necessary, the lawyers of the law firm, also in cooperation with competent legal experts of foreign countries, intermediate in conducting clients’ proceedings in foreign courts (the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, international arbitrations, etc.).

Many decisions of the Supreme Court of Lithuania and the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, which form court practice, in cases that were conducted by Yves lawyers is the best assessment of the results of professional work in the area of dispute settlement.

Yves legal experts represent the client’s interests both in cases which require specific professional needs and when handling routine cases entrusted by the client.