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Corporate governance and business

Corporate governance and business regulatory issues are of most important in everyday activities of law firm’s lawyers.

Yves lawyers consult clients working in various areas of industry and services. Communicating with company owners and managers directly, Yves lawyers first of all seek to understand the specifics of the particular business and individual needs of the clients. Thorough analysis of clients’ business solutions allows ensuring most effective and efficient legal protection of clients, and further common work with company managers and owners allows implementing strategic plans of the clients in the most effective manner while strictly adhering to corporate ethics.

Consultations on corporate governance issues cover the issues of selecting an effective management-oriented management structure and fiduciary duties of managers, business reorganisations as well as consultations on issues of labour law, various transactions, best practices and legal regulation.

Yves offers effective solutions in planning management change procedures, prepares effective internal rules and policies of companies’ operational legal compliance and corporate ethics compliance as well as solutions which help avoiding conflict of interests and unfair competition.