Diven by law

Banking and finance

Owing to its great experience in issues related to the operation of the financial system, Yves is prepared to both consult and provide assistance and advice on practical issues concerning the operating principles of the Lithuanian financial system, types of financial institutions, their establishment and management as well as management of these activities.

The law firm is also prepared to consult and resolve problems that arose in relation to the use of services provided by financial institutions as well as in order to restructure or transform financial liabilities that arose. Yves areas of advice include both financial services that are usual for the clients (bank account, payments, deposits with banks, leasing, overdrafts, loans and credits including syndicated or subordinated ones, mortgages, guarantees, sureties and other instruments of securing obligations, etc.) and rarer and more complex services (factoring, trade in shares, bonds and other securities, investment services, transactions in derivatives, collateral, guarantees and letters of credit, etc.).

Yves believes that advice and services it provides will help the clients to choose an appropriate financial institution, a financial service meeting specific needs, and will also resolve disputes, if any, that arise with the financial institution.