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about PRO BONO

Pro bono publico – which means “for the public good” in Latin and is used most commonly in its contracted form “pro bono” – relates to professional work performed without any remuneration or a public service provided at a reduced rate. This principle applies in providing legal services; however, there is a trend of applying it also to individuals engaged in other types of activities. Unlike volunteering, pro bono activities involve professional skills and knowledge and are provided to those who would not be able to afford them under usual conditions.

As distinct from some countries with a developed legal tradition, Lithuania does not have recommendations as to how many hours a legal expert should spend for pro bono activities. In the US, depending on the state, the rules of ethics stipulate that legal experts must spend up to 50 hours per year for pro bono activities.


Yves lawyers contribute to the social responsibility initiative and seek that professional legal services are available when they are also required by those individuals who cannot afford them.

Each Yves lawyer can assign the established number of working hours per year for pro bono activities. The result of the professional services of such activities would also satisfy those clients who otherwise would not be able to resolve the difficulties they face.

Understanding that the opportunities of pro bono provided by Yves cannot be always sufficient, Yves indicates that you can learn about the possibility to receive legal assistance provided by volunteers here:


With the secondary legal assistance guaranteed by the state and requirements for receiving such assistance, you can familiarise yourself here: